What is the French word for fruit? (2024)

What is the French word for fruit?

masculine noun. fruit. un fruit a piece of fruit.

What do we call fruit in French?

fruit. More French words for fruit. le fruit noun. product, harvest, child. porter des fruits verb.

What is the French name for Apple?

French Translation. pommes. More French words for apple. la pomme noun.

What is the French word for apples?

The French translation for “apples” is pommes.

What is Apple French?

pomme [ feminine ] (Translation of apple from the GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2016 K Dictionaries Ltd)

What is the old French word for strawberry?

That might sound familiar because the French word for strawberry is fraise. An ancestor of Frézier's was knighted and bestowed the name by the king of France in the year 916 after offering his highness a gift of ripe strawberries.

What is the old French word for apple?

It derived from the Old French word for "apple": pome (12th century; modern French is pomme), which in turn derived from the Late Latin or Vulgar Latin word poma "apple", originally the plural of Latin pomum "fruit", later "apple".

What is orange called in French?

Colors in French
English colorFrench colorFrench Pronunciation
6 more rows

How do you say dog in France?

Chien is the most common, standard way to say “dog” in French. It can be used in formal and informal situations.

What is the French word for Strawberry?

1. (= berry) fraise f. strawberries and cream des fraises à la crème. 2. ( also: strawberry plant) fraisier m.

What is the French word for pineapple?

a large prickly fruit with stiff leaves and yellow flesh. ananas [ masculine ]

What is the French word for citrus?

French: d'agrumes N.

Does pomme mean apple?

In French, the word "pomme" can mean both "apple" and "potato". The word "pomme de terre" literally means "earth apple", Jacob Goldsmith.

What is the most popular apple in France?

The “golden” variety, as the French refer to the Golden Delicious apple, is by far the most popular in France, accounting for more than one-third of the total production.

What is the French word for iPhone?

noun. l'iPhone® masc.

What do they call blueberries in France?

In France, they call blueberries myrtilles.

What is kiwi in French?

Kiwi is translated in French by...

Le kiwi (m)

What is the Old French word for beautiful?

Etymology. Inherited from Middle French beau, from Old French biau, bel, from Latin bellus.

What is the Old French word for lemon?

Lemons were first called lemons around the late 1400s. The word is based on the Old French word, limon, suggesting lemons came to England via France. Limon derives from the Italian word limone, which drew its inspiration from the Arabic word laymūn and the Persian word limun.

What is the Old French word for orange?

Orange the fruit came first. The word came into English either from Old French 'pomme d'orenge', or from the Spanish 'naranja' (with the subsequent transfer of the 'n' over to the indefinite article, as per 'apron' and 'adder', originally 'napron' and 'nadder').

What is the longest French word in history?

With 25 characters in length, “Anticonstitutionnellement” is usually considered to be the longest French word, which is an adverb meaning “anti-constitutionally” in English. However, some suggest that the longest non-technical French word actually is “intergouvernementalisations” with 27 letters in total.

What is the French word for sandwich?

Principales traductions
sandwich n(bread slices with food between)sandwich nm
Many Americans eat a sandwich for lunch.
Beaucoup d'Américains mangent un sandwich pour le déjeuner.
5 more rows

What is the word for spaghetti in French?

[spəˈɡɛti ] spaghettis mpl ⧫ spaghetti mpl.

What are desserts called in French?

Le dessert était délicieux. Yes. It was very good. The dessert was delicious.

What is pizza in French?

Principales traductions
pizza n(food)pizza nf
The students order two pizzas every Friday night.
Les étudiants commandent deux pizzas chaque vendredi soir.

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