What is normal range for 6-minute walk test? (2024)

What is normal range for 6-minute walk test?

The mean ± SD for 6MWD was 581.4 ± 66.5 m (range 383–800 m) for females and 608.7 ± 80.1 m (range 410–875 m) for males.

What is a good result for the 6 minute walk test?

In healthy subjects, the 6-min walk distance (6MWD) ranges from 400 to 700 m, the main predictor variables being gender, age and height.

What is the normal range for the 6 minute walk test for healthy adults?

The 6MWD was 30 m greater in males than in females (585±96 m versus 555±81 m; p<0.001). The older subjects walked shorter distances than the younger subjects (40–49 yrs of age, 611±85 m; 50–59 yrs of age, 588±91 m, 60–69 yrs of age, 559±80 m; 70–80 yrs of age, 514±71 m; p<0.001).

Is 500m good for a 6 minute walk test?

Patients who do not reach a distance of 500 m during the 6-min walk test have an increased risk of postoperative complications and prolonged hospital stay after lobectomy.

What is the cut off score for the 6 minute walk test?

Cut-off values of 6MWT and 30 s-STST for discriminating between these patients were calculated. Results: The optimal cut-off value was "450 m" for 6MWT (sensitivity: 0.71; specificity of 0.79) and "11 repetitions" for 30 s-STST (sensitivity 0.77; specificity of 0.70).

What is a normal walk test?

During this test, you walk at your normal pace for six minutes. This test can be used to monitor your response to treatments for heart, lung and other health problems. This test is commonly used for people with pulmonary hypertension, interstitial lung disease, pre-lung transplant evaluation or COPD.

What is the normal range for the 6 minute walk test for a female?

Results. The mean ± SD for 6MWD was 581.4 ± 66.5 m (range 383–800 m) for females and 608.7 ± 80.1 m (range 410–875 m) for males.

How do you calculate a 6 minute walk test?

The resulting gender-specific regression equations explained about 40% of the variance in the distance walked for healthy adults: for men, 6MWD = (7.57 x heightcm) - (5.02 x age) - (1.76 x weightkg) - 309 m, and for women, 6MWD = (2.11 x heightcm) - (2.29 x weightkg) - (5.78 x age) + 667 m.

What is the normal value for the 6 minute walk test for stroke patients?

Thirty-nine studies modified the protocol walkway, while 60 studies did not specify the walkway used. On average, stroke survivors walked 284 ± 107 m during the 6MWT, which is substantially less than healthy age-matched individuals.

Does the 6 minute walk test measure balance?

The six-minute walk test is a rehabilitation outcome measure of aerobic and walking capacity that is validated and recommended for persons with stroke. The six-minute walk test has good test-retest reliability (ICC=0.99)27,28 and concurrent validity with walking speed and Berg Balance Scores.

What is a good 6 minute walk on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch produces the best results when the user's expected six-minute walk distance is less than 500m, and the user wears a calibrated Apple Watch while performing a representative range of physical activities each day.

Is 2 minutes for 500m good?

The 500m row times mostly cluster around 2 minutes, with most people finishing a bit faster or slower than this. The times range from about 1 minute and 28 seconds for the quickest rowers to about 2 minutes and 52 seconds for the slowest, but it's rare to see times much beyond these limits.

What is a good average walking pace?

Walking speed for most adults is around 3 mph. The average speed will decrease with age. Sex can also affect speed with males generally walking faster than females. Brisk walking can benefit a person's overall health and may help slow aging.

Why is it a 6 minute walk test?

The walking test was also adapted to assess disability in patients with chronic bronchitis (7). In an attempt to accommodate patients with respiratory disease for whom walking 12 minutes was too exhausting, a 6-minute walk was found to perform as well as the 12-minute walk (8).

What is the difference between the 6 minute walk test and the 12 minute walk test?

The 6MWT is a supervised test that measures the distance a patient can walk on a hard, flat surface over a six-minute period, whereas the 12MWT prolongs the evaluation to 12 minutes. The American Thoracic Society (ATS) provides guidelines for the standardization of this test in order to maximize reliability.

What is the easy walk test?

Instructions and Guidelines

“Cover as much ground as possible over 2 minutes. Walk continuously if possible, but do not be concerned if you need to slow down or stop to rest. The goal is to feel at the end of the test that more ground could not have been covered in the 2 minutes”.

What is the oxygen saturation for the 6 minute walk test?

The six-minute walk test is often used to determine whether a patient should use supplemental oxygen. You will sometimes hear that the doctor will prescribe oxygen if your saturation falls below 88% during the test. The six-minute walk test is just one of the tests that can be done in the doctor's office.

How far should you be able to walk by age?

What's my age again? Average speed by the numbers
AgeMiles per hour
3 more rows
Mar 9, 2020

How far can you walk with COPD?

The last thing a person with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may want to think about is revving up their respiratory system with a good walk. New research, however, shows that walking about two miles a day can lower the risk of being hospitalized with severe attacks.

What is a good predictor of a stroke?

We conclude that age, heart disease, average glucose level, and hypertension are the most important factors for detecting stroke in patients.

What is a fast score for a stroke?

The first part is the FAST test, which is employed in all possible cases of stroke occurrence. This test consists of the following items: Facial palsy (0–1), any failure of Arm motor function (0–1), and Speech (scored 0–1). The FAST test is considered positive if the score is at least one.

What is the range for stroke?

Extremely high blood pressure can damage blood vessels and weaken arteries in the brain, increasing the risk of stroke. Blood pressure readings above 180/120 mmHg are considered stroke-level, dangerously high, and require immediate medical attention.

What is a brisk walk range?

What is a brisk pace? Walking at a brisk pace means you'll be walking faster than you would normally. Your speed is determined, in part, by your fitness level. Many fitness experts consider a brisk walking pace to be 100 steps per minute or 3 to 3.5 miles per hour.

What does Apple count as a brisk walk?

To earn exercise or workout credit you must move at the speed of a brisk walk. To earn 1 minute of exercise credit(green ring); Travel a full minute at a brisk walking pace 3.3 mph or 18 minutes per mile approx.or 5.3kph or 11.3 minutes per kilometer.

What is the 6 minute walk time?

The 6 Minute Walk Test is a sub-maximal exercise test used to assess aerobic capacity and endurance. The distance covered over a time of 6 minutes is used as the outcome by which to compare changes in performance capacity.

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