How many died in ww2 by country? (2024)

How many died in ww2 by country?

The Soviet Union suffered the highest number of fatalities of any single nation, with estimates mostly falling between 22 and 27 million deaths. China then suffered the second greatest, at around 20 million, although these figures are less certain and often overlap with the Chinese Civil War.

What country has the most deaths in World War 2?

The Soviet Union suffered the highest number of fatalities of any single nation, with estimates mostly falling between 22 and 27 million deaths. China then suffered the second greatest, at around 20 million, although these figures are less certain and often overlap with the Chinese Civil War.

How many of each nationality died in WW2?

Total deaths by country
CountryTotal population 1/1/1939Total deaths
France (including colonies)41,680,000600,000
French Indochina24,664,0001,000,000 to 2,200,000
Germany69,300,0006,900,000 to 7,400,000
Greece7,222,000507,000 to 807,000
47 more rows

How many German died in WW2?

According to Müller-Hillebrand actual irrecoverable losses in the war were between 3.3 and 4.5 million men. Overall Müller-Hillebrand estimated the total dead and missing at 4.0 million men.

How many Americans were killed in WW2?

Nobody has exact figures, but it is estimated that around the U.S. counted around 407,000 military deaths and around 12,000 civilian deaths (due to crimes of war and military activity such as bombings.) The total death count for all Americans amounted up to 420,000.

Who killed the most humans in history?

But both Hitler and Stalin were outdone by Mao Zedong. From 1958 to 1962, his Great Leap Forward policy led to the deaths of up to 45 million people—easily making it the biggest episode of mass murder ever recorded.

What was the deadliest war in history?

World War II was the deadliest conflict in human history marked by 50 to 85 million fatalities, most of whom were civilians in the Soviet Union and China.

What was the deadliest day of WW2?

The bloodiest day of World War II is often considered to be June 6, 1944, also known as D-Day. This was the day of the Allied invasion of Normandy, which resulted in heavy casualties on both sides. It marked a significant turning point in the war and had a profound impact on the course of history.

What state lost the most people in WW2?

New York stands out as the state with the highest number of WWII casualties, with 31,215 American soldiers dead and missing. This figure reflects the immense contribution and sacrifice made by the residents of New York during the war.

Why did China lose so many in WW2?

China lost many people in WW2 because they were invaded by Japan. Japan was able to conquer a large part of China and had control of a decent amount of the larger Chinese cities of the time.

How many US troops died on D-Day?

A total of 4,414 Allied troops were killed on D-Day itself, including 2,501 Americans. More than 5,000 were wounded. In the ensuing Battle of Normandy, 73,000 Allied forces were killed and 153,000 wounded. The battle — and especially Allied bombings of French villages and cities — killed around 20,000 French civilians.

How many US soldiers died in Vietnam?

The Vietnam Conflict Extract Data File of the Defense Casualty Analysis System (DCAS) Extract Files contains records of 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties of the Vietnam War. These records were transferred into the custody of the National Archives and Records Administration in 2008.

Which country lost the most soldiers on D-Day?

D-Day Casualties
#CountryD-Day Casualties
2United States of America2,501
3United Kingdom1,449

What war killed the most American soldiers?

The American Civil War is the conflict with the largest number of American military fatalities in history. In fact, the Civil War's death toll is comparable to all other major wars combined, the deadliest of which were the World Wars, which have a combined death toll of more than 520,000 American fatalities.

What killed the most American soldiers in ww2?

The campaign that resulted in the most US military deaths was the Battle of Normandy (June 6 to August 25, 1944) in which 29,204 soldiers were killed fighting against Nazi Germany.

Who was the last American killed in WWII?

Dorchester native Charles Havlat was the last U.S. soldier to be killed in World War II. He was shot by a sniper just minutes before the ceasefire was to take effect. Photo courtesy of the Dorchester Times. Havlat worked as a farmhand for $1 a day before eventually starting a trucking company with his cousin.

Who is the most brutal serial killer ever?

7 of History's Most Notorious Serial Killers
  • Jack the Ripper. We call him “Jack the Ripper,” but we don't really know who the person behind one of the older and most notorious murder sprees was. ...
  • Jeffrey Dahmer. ...
  • Harold Shipman. ...
  • John Wayne Gacy. ...
  • H.H. Holmes. ...
  • Pedro Lopez. ...
  • Ted Bundy.

Which state has most serial killers?

New York is the state with the most serial killers, with a total of 18 serial killers born in the state. California comes in as the second state with the most serial killers, with 15, followed by Texas with 8, and Illinois and Ohio with 7 each.

What country has the highest number of serial killers?

It will probably come as little surprise that it is of course the United States of America, with a shocking 3,204 documented serial killers. Not only is that the top spot, it's 2,000 more than every other country on the list combined.

What was the most brutal war in US history?

The Civil War was the deadliest war in American history. Altogether, over 600,000 died in the conflict, more than World War I and World War II combined.

What was the worst war in America?

Of all the wars fought by Americans, it was the one that saw the nation literally torn apart that had the most significant casualties. According to a 2012 study, approximately 750,000 soldiers from both sides were killed during the American Civil War (1861-1865).

What was the shortest war in history?

The Anglo-Zanzibar War was fought between the United Kingdom and the Zanzibar Sultanate on Aug. 27, 1896. The conflict lasted around 40 minutes, and is the shortest war in history. Wars can drag on forever.

Did the US lose any battles during ww2?

The US military suffered many defeats during World War 2. The great majority of those were in the first year and a half in the Pacific War at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

What was the bloodiest single day of the war?

Washington County, MD | Sep 17, 1862. Antietam, the deadliest one-day battle in American military history, showed that the Union could stand against the Confederate army in the Eastern theater.

What was the worst defeat in ww2?

The surrender on the Bataan Peninsula on 19 April 1942 was America's worst defeat not only in World War II, but in all of history. Not only was it a wholesale defeat, but no less than 12,000 Americans were captured by the Japanese. General Edward P. King discusses the American surrender, 1942.

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