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Yinlin arrives in Wuthering Waves as a member of the Midnight Rangers with an aloof personality and powerful arsenal of electric tricks. This guide to the best Wuthering Waves Yinlin build will explain the best weapons, echoes, sequences, fortes, and team compositions for Yinlin.


Table of Contents:

  • How to Get Yinlin
  • Yinlin Gameplay Overview
    • Yinlin Fortes
    • Yinlin Resonance Sequence Analysis
    • Yinlin's Best Weapons
    • Yinlin's Best Echoes
    • Yinlin's Best Teams


How to Get Yinlin in Wuthering Waves

Yinlin is a limited 5-star character, meaning she can only be acquired on her featured limited banner or rerun banners. If you miss her first appearance, your only option is to wait until she comes back around for a chance to snag her.

Wuthering Waves Yinlin Gameplay Overview

  • Element: Electro
  • Weapon: Rectifier
  • Rarity: 5-star

Yinlin is an off-field DPS who deals the most of her damage by marking a large number of enemies with her Resonance Liberation (Ultimate) and Basic Attacks, upgrading those marks with a specialized Heavy Attack when the Forte Circuit wavelength bar (above the HP bar) is full, and and damaging marked enemies with powerful, repeated coordinated attacks. This makes her best-suited for fights with several enemies. When swapping out, the next teammate on the field has their Ultimate damage and Electro damage buffed, making her an ideal teammate for other strong, on-field Electro DPS characters.

At almost all times, Yinlin deals damage from a safe range, whether it be on-field a fair distance away from opponents or off-field entirely. Her Forte Circuit (the mechanic regarding the soundwave bar above the HP bar) fills when Basic Attacks and Resonance Skills hit enemies, and when the bar is full, her Heavy Attacks also deal AoE Electro damage. This mechanic gives some credibility to on-field DPS potential, but in many cases it will not be optimal. However, Yinlin does plenty of damage for you to play through the game in whatever style you prefer.

Yinlin is not overly dependent on using her Ultimate, but it is still recommended to have some amount of Energy Regen through substats to mark hordes of enemies more quickly and easily.

Overall, if you pull Yinlin, you will be satisfied, especially if you managed to pull Calcharo as one of the standard banner 5-star characters, as he is the ideal on-field Electro DPS as of patch 1.0. Yinlin’s kit is well-tuned to several roles and as an off-field DPS, will often have more staying power than on-field DPS units.

Stats Worth Consideration

  • CRIT Rate/DMG: For maximizing your damage in endgame
  • Energy Regen: In substats only, for ease in marking enemies
  • ATK%: DMG% bonuses are abundant in Wuthering Waves, and you’ll have many sources of Electro damage from the mainstats of your echoes and buffs from teammates. ATK% is rarer in this game and diversifying buffs is good in most gacha games. In early game, you can neglect CRIT to focus on ATK%.

For any character devoted to building damage, it is important to prioritize a 1-to-2 ratio between CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG. 1-3 ratios, while they may give dopamine through bigger Crit numbers, is actually less damage overall. Aim for 75;150 in most cases!


Yinlin Fortes

Your talent-levelling priority should be > Forte Circuit > Basic Attack = Resonance Skill > Resonance Liberation (Ult) > Intro Skill

Forte Circuit: Chameleon Cipher

Forte Circuits essentially dictate what the wavelength bar above the HP bar does for your character, and will often dictate how the character is played.

In Yinlin’s case, the forte circuit energy is called “Judgment.” The bar is filled when Basic Attacks, Resonance Skills, and Ultimates hit targets. Simple enough!

This forte is responsible for the Intro Skill, Basic Attacks, and Resonance Liberation (Ultimate) marking enemies with a purple circular mark. This mark vanishes when Yinlin leaves the battlefield. However, this mark can be upgraded into a triangular mark that will stay on enemies for 18s even when Yinlin leaves the field. These marks are upgraded when the Forte Circuit bar is used and Yinlin uses a Heavy Attack.

Enemies marked with this enhanced mark will take Electro damage whenever they are hit with other attacks, at most once-per-second.

This is the bread-and-butter of Yinlin’s kit, and demands your priority in leveling. If you are a player coming from Genshin Impact, think of this forte as similar to Xingqiu, Yelan, and Nahida’s main sources of damage.

Basic Attack: Zapstring's Dance

Yinlin wants to use her Basic Attacks to mark enemies and rack up concerto energy for her Outro Skill, plus if you use her as an on-field DPS, you’ll need to level this talent with greater priority than her Skill.


Resonance Skill: Magnetic Roar

The Skill empowers Yinlin’s Basic Attacks and Dodge Counters for 8s. Up to four times, when hit by either of these two fortes, there will be a coordinated Electro attack on the affected enemies.

It can be used again within that timeframe to deal another strong instance of Electro damage, dealing much more damage when damaged enemies were marked by Yinlin prior to the hit.

Resonance Liberation (Ultimate): Sky-breaking Thunder Strike

Yinlin’s Ultimate deals a sizeable amount of damage to enemies while marking them, although it is one of the smaller portions of her damage profile. It is great for marking multiple enemies quickly without having to fiddle with Basic Attacks for several seconds.

Yinlin's Passives

Next, come her passives.

  • First, using the first half of Yinlin’s Skill gives 15% Crit Rate for 5s.
  • Second, hitting marked enemies enhances the second use of Yinlin’s Skill by 10% damage while also buffing ATK by 10% for 4s.

Yinlin also gains two stat bonuses through leveling her fortes.

  • Crit Rate +8%
  • ATK +12%

Yinlin's Swapping Skills

And now, her swapping skills.

  • Intro: Deals a strong instance of Electro damage.
  • Outro: Incoming teammate gains 20% Electro damage and 25% Ultimate damage for 14s


Yinlin’s Outro Skill is particularly good, enabling a potential on-field Electro DPS while still providing great damage from the backline.

Yinlin's Field Time Combos

Yinlin’s field time should be executed as such:

  1. Yinlin Intro Skill
  2. Yinlin Resonance Liberation (Ultimate) to mark enemies
  3. Echo Skill (optional)
  4. Resonance Skill
  5. Basic Attacks and/or Echo Skill (if not done before) to trigger four coordinated attacks and build Judgment.
  6. Resonance Skill again, for even more damage on marked enemies.
  7. Once your Forte Circuit bar is full, Heavy Attack to hit marked enemies and upgrade the mark.
  8. Outro Skill and/or Basic Attack strings, depending on off-field or on-field DPS.

Yinlin's Resonance Sequences

Yinlin is a fully functional character at S0 and does not need help with Resonance Sequences. S3, S5, and S6 are the best for Yinlin’s damage. S1 and S2 are the weakest, but they’ll still relatively solid.

Resonance Sequence NameAbbreviated In-Game DescriptionNotes
S1. Morality’s Crossroads Resonance Skill (both halves) deal 70% more damage. A solid damage boost. Not much to see here.
S2. Ensnarled by Rapport Blasts from the Resonance Skill’s four coordinated attacks regenerate 5 energy and fill the Forte Circuit gauge faster. A great quality-of-life upgrade that makes rotations smoother. Having to build less Energy Regen means you can devote more substats from Echoes into damaging stats, offering an indirect power buff.
S3. Unyielding VerdictIncreases multipliers of the Forte Circuit’s synchronized attacks by 55%This is a fantastic buff. Remember that these synchronized attacks can occur up to once-per-second for 18s. In average scenarios, you may get about 14 or 15 hits in from Yinlin’s Forte Circuit based on skill of play and if you can avoid being knocked around by enemies. 55%, even with only 10 hits is a lot of extra damage!
S4. Steadfast ConvictionWhen Forte Circuit coordinated attacks hit opponents, you team gets +20% ATK for 12s.This further exemplifies Yinlin’s potential as a buffing support, which many players may prioritize for her. The buff is valuable, but not worth aiming for in its own right.
S5. Resounding WillUltimate deals 100% more damage to marked enemies.Yinlin’s Ultimate is not a primary component of her kit, so it’s hard to give this anything above a “good, but not great” yellow rating here.
S6. Pursuit of Justice For 30s after using her Ultimate, up to the next four basic attacks she uses will deal an extra 420% Electro damage and is considered Resonance Skill damage.Yinlin becomes an on-field DPS with this Sequence in hand. This is 1600%+ multiplier total added to Yinlin’s Basic Attacks, making her a monster on the field. It is by far the greatest increase to her personal damage.

Wuthering Waves Yinlin's Best Weapons

Yinlin wants CRIT and ATK weapons, but mostly CRIT weapons. Energy Regen weapons can be considered if you’re struggling using her Ultimate consistently, but you’re almost always better off saving that for Echo substats.

Remember that 5-stars, even when not listed, are usually better than all other 4-stars, unless otherwise noted.

Weapon NameAbbreviated In-Game DescriptionNotes

36% C. Rate

Increases the DMG Bonus of all Resonance Attributes by 12%. When Resonance Skill hits a target, +12% ATK, stacking up to twice. When not on the battlefield, there is an additional 12% ATK boost.Best 5-Star Weapon

Clearly made for Yinlin, as she can use her Resonance Skill twice within a short time frame. Nothing comes close when it comes to her off-field damage. Some might say the standard banner weapon Cosmic Ripples is better when playing Yinlin as an on-field DPS, but the massive amount of Crit Rate on this weapon is hard to ignore and makes building Yinlin easier.


20.25% C. Rate

Using Resonance Liberation (Ultimate) increases ATK by 15-48% (S1-S5) for 15s.Battle Pass Option

Battle Pass options often offer CRIT stats, which are highly desirable, and seldom go out of fashion. It is also better than any 4-star gacha weapon as of patch 1.0.

Jinzhou Keeper

36.45% ATK

When using Intro Skill, +8-16% ATK (S1-S5) and +10-20% HP (S1-S5) for 15s.Gacha Option

Yinlin isn’t very F2P friendly when it comes to weapons, unfortunately. Worst case, you can use Rectifier25 if you're hurting for Energy Regen or an S5 Rectifier of Night, but these fall far behind Jinzhou Keeper, especially when it gets duplicates.


Wuthering Waves Yinlin's Best Echoes

Characters will usually use a 4-cost echo, two 3-cost echoes, and two 1-cost echoes, adding up to 12 cost. In the endgame, Yinlin is no different.

For Early Game:

  • 3-cost – x2 Electro DMG% + x2 ATK% (or some combination of the two)

For Endgame

  • 4-cost – CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
  • 3-cost – Electro DMG% (x2)
  • 1-cost – ATK% (x2)

For Echo sets, you can choose either to focus on her support capabilities via her Outro Skill and the 5pc

Echo Set NameAbbreviated In-Game DescriptionNotes
5pc Void Thunder 2pc: 10% Electro DMG.
5pc: Electro DMG +30% for 15s when Intro Skill is used.
Best Damage Option

Straightforward for Yinlin’s needs. Alternatively, if you can’t find all five pieces, you can mix two 2pc sets: Void Thunder and Lingering Tunes for 10% Electro DMG and 10% ATK

5pc Moonlit Clouds 2pc: 10% Energy Regen.
5pc: After using Outro Skill, increases the ATK of the next Resonator by 22.5% for 15s.
Best Support Option

Straightforward for Yinlin’s needs. Alternatively, if you can’t find all five pieces, you can mix two 2pc sets: Sierra Gale and Lingering Tunes for 10% Electro DMG and 10% ATK

Not only do you need to choose the element of echoes for Yinlin, but you also need to determine which Echo Skill you’ll use. There are two candidates for this position.

Echo NameAbbreviated In-Game DescriptionNotes
Tempest MephisTransform into Tempest Mephis to perform tail swing attacks followed by a claw attack. After the claw hit, increase the current character’s Electro DMG by 12% and Heavy Attack DMG by 12% for 15s.

CD: 25s

For Damage: Void Thunder Set

There is another Mephis echo that does virtually the same thing, but its animations are slower, which can elongate rotations. You can use the other similar-looking echo if you have better stats on it, but Tempest Mephis is the way to go for damage, all other things equal.

Impermanence HeronTransform into Impermanence Heron to fly up and smack down, dealing Havoc DMG. Long press to stay as Impermanence Heron and continuously spit flames, each attack dealing Havoc DMG. Once the initial attack lands on any enemy, the current character regains 10 Resonance Energy. If the current character uses their Outro Skill within the next 15 seconds, the next character’s damage dealt will be boosted by 12% for 15 seconds.CD: 25sFor Support: Moonlit Clouds Set

Yinlin is a DPS at heart, but adding more buffs to Yinlin’s partner DPS is a great way to maximize her support capabilities.

Wuthering Waves Yinlin's Best Teammates

The standard team will want:

  • an on-field DPS (Yinlin or an Electro DPS, in this case)
  • one character on the team that deals damage and/or buffs your main DPS's damage (Yinlin or filler slot)
  • a healer (or another buffer, depending on your personal skill level with dodging and parrying)


Right now, Yinlin’s teammates are fairly limited, but they will be updated as we learn more about her kit and synergies.

Character IconExplanation


Calcharo is the on-field Electro DPS of choice as of Yinlin’s initial release and creates a formidable team.

Damage, Buffs

Sanhua is a free character if you joined the game at launch, has short field time and good damage, and also buffs Basic Attacks. She is a great choice for a partner if you decide to use Yinlin as your on-field DPS.

Healing, Buffs

Verina is the beast healing option right now, and due to her universally viable buffs for teams, she is the best pure support character you can have in a team.

Healing, Buffs

Baizhi is the freely available healer if you don’t have Verina, and will be your standard choice for when you need more comfortable fights.

Up Next: Yinlin Ascension Materials and Skills

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